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How to Forge a Frontier        Style Tomahawk
Chris Crawford Productions Present:
This video covers the forging of the Tomahawk head from a round bar.Plus how to grind and clean up the tomahawk head after heat treat.Plus how to shape a handle from curly maple and stain it.Also added is how to do some simple handle decorations.All work is done by: Bruce Evans in his shop with the photography and photo editing by Chris Crawford...
-------Some screen shots from the video-------
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With: Bruce Evans as the demonstrating smith
Thanks to :
Jim Batson for his great demostration on how how to forge a Tomahawk so I could learn  and then take that knowledge and figure out how to make my own Hawks...

All the other great smiths around that have given me advise over the years about how to forge my knives and hawks.

Chris Crawford for asking me to let  him video tape and publish this video of me.And for the great work he did in producing it..

Wally (Ebbtide) For the great art work that he has done for me over the years and that was used on this video

Chris also has other tutorial how to videos available on his website,Which you will go to if you click on the button for the video inf. on the tomahawk...