This is how I hand rub out a blade .It may not be the same as everyone else but it works for me....Good Luck
I grind about 2/3 of the blade before heat treating it.After heat treating I grind the last 1/3 of the I finish grind I roll the  last section down to the cutting edge giving me a Moran edge.This is pretty well sharp when I come off the grinder.I finish grind with a cleaned,dull 320 grit belt
I start with a piece of 400 grit and see if I left any deeper scratchs that I would need to take out with 320 grit,If I did as I did here that is where I start at.I srat by rubbing at a angle to the blade removing any deeper scratches.I use a flat piece of micarta  to do this
After getting the deeper scratches out I take a piece of hard sole leather and back my paper,with this I smooth in my Moran'ed edge and start straightening eup my scratch lines.I work in small sections of the blade at first making sure that each section is clean and when I get the next section done I smooth them atogether until I get to the plunge lines.Here I will go across the blade to make sure the lines are even and clean.Then I straighten all the scratches up.
This is as the process is going on to being all in one direction.I did one bevel at a time on this blade
Clean up the ricasso area with the micarta block only so it is nice and flat.after you have this done rub from the tang to the point making sure you have no stopping marks(fish hooks)
From this point on I only rub in one direction and I do the ricasso first then full length of the blade.I am now using 400 grit paper and baby oil,if you see any scratches that yo need to get out first try a little angle then straight with a clean piece of 400 grit and if that doesnt work go back to 320 and work it out and then start the 400 all bevels with this until you have polished out the 320 grit
Now I go to 600 grit and oil and ONLY rub full length of the blade,If I see any scratchs I go back to where I need to to get them out,then come back and finish up the 600 grit
I next go to 1500 grit and oil and only rub ONE WAY,This polish's the blade up to a nice shine with the 600 grit lines still showing a little.....I should go to 800 grit before the 1500 but I havent found any yet without ordering it and I like to be able to run to town and pick some up if I run out on the weekend,That is why I use what I do.
Here it is after 1500 grit done my way.I had polished out the filework before hand rubbing started at 600 grit.this way I could satin the flats with shiny mirrored filework
Now you just repeat the process on both edges and you are ready to solder on the guard,put on your name and then go back over the blade again to make sure you got it all cleaned up.Then tape the blade and finish the knife
The finished Bowie
This is just how I do this  and I know there are alot of people out there with there own methods.I just hope that this will help someone gwt an idea of how to start and figure out there own method.Remember just be patient and dont rush this part of the job and you can see the difference in the final finish......Have Fun and Good Luck,Bruce