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I know that this is not a forged guard but it is easy enough for stock removal and forgeing Knife Makers  alike....Good Luck....Bruce
Using what ever dimensions you need for your knife, scribe refference lines for where the balls will be and centerline lengthwise
Cut in on the lines for where you want the balls,leaving approxiametly 1/4 inch in the center
Clamp this piece between 2 pieces of steel that have the edges rounded off
now with a torch heat the metal and give it a forward bend on the top and bottom
now with the torch heat the end pieces and twist them to be in line with the center line
now heat the ends again and slightly bend the ends toards the center a little
Now go to the grinder and oval your guard and round the end balls to the shape you would like them to be and then put in your tang hole.Do not grind on the area that you kept flat when bending,as this is so you can keep a tight fit between guard and Blade.Now sand and finish to the finish you would like.You can out a piece of Brass or nickel silver between the Blade and the uard by soldering on the ferrel piece and then grinding it close to the blade and then fitting the guard tight on the tang ,and when you epoxy on the handle the guard will back fill  with the epoxy and thus also be secured on.I hope this helps and Good luck......Bruce
Thanks to " Terry Primos " For helping with these pictures by reducing them in size for me so the page will load faster...Bruce
Thanks to Ken Durham for explaining to me how to do this teqnicue to make this style guard..