Here I will try to show you  the steps I go thru when grinding a cutlass ground Bowie.The steps here will work for a regular flat ground  blade only dont start at the back edge,only grind from the  cutting edge to the spine....
My first step after forging the blade is to clean up a flat on both sides of the blade making sure the ricasso area is clean and flat.I start with a 60 grit belt.
Now I start the grind at the back edge ( ONLY on a cutlass grind ) I will set bevel on each side at a 45 degree angle untill I am close to the finished edge that I want,On this style grind the back edge is not sharp it is just about half thickness of the finished cuttung edge.
When grinding the back bevel keep a flat straight grind all the way past the pointbring this grind down to the center as shown.
After getting both sides of the back edge even and square set your cutting edge bevel the same way as  the back edge,Only taking a little more metal off but leaving enough metal to remove after heat treat.Now when grinding the bevel grind stright off to the point and keep this going all the way to the center.You wont believe it but te center line will fall in place all the way to the point when you grind it like this.Do both sides and finish with 320 grit before heat treat.
After heat treat I clean up the blade and start my finish grind.I will take a little off the back edge so after grinding the cutting edge the center line will be even.I always start back with my 60 grit until I am close to the edge I want,then I switch to a150 grit belt and start with the back edge and clean the scratches out and then grind the cutting edge to almost sharp,Then I swithc to a 320 grit belt and repeat the process the same as before only I will convex the edge to sharp,Now I switch to my final belt which is a wore 320 grit belt ( the more it is wore out the finer the finish will be )
At this time put the third edge or ealse edge in the blade this can be taken to sharp or not it depends on yur preference.I put this edge in with a 150 grit belt  and I run it up the grindind wheel not flat grind it in,finish it through the grits as you did the rest of the blade.Now it is time to start the hand sanding process.
Here is the finished Blade......
This is t the way I learned how to do this grind,It can be done with a hollow grind also.In fact the originalwas done with a hollow grind but they used a 5 foot wheel so it didnt look as hollow as the smaller wheels we use today.
Here is a run down of the grits that I use when grinding all my blades:
1) 60 grit
2) 150 grit
3) 320 grit
4) Dull 320 grit
I hope that this will help someone be able to accompish this type grindIf you have any questions please email me there is a link on the home page.......Bruce