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This is the way I do my COKE BOTTLE handle
First make a pattern the size and shape you want the handle and set where the tang will go.Then scribe this pattern on your metal,grind to the lines and remove the metal where the tang goes
Dress up the sides to make it Flat so your scales fit tight
You will need something to scribe a line even around the piece,This is so your pins will all be the same distance from the edge
I took an old pair of calipers that  the dial wasnt any good any more and ground a point on it for this step...You can hard solder a carbide scribe on the top jaw also.
Scribe the line
Now take a ruler and measure where you want your pins to be and mark on the line,then take a punch and punch the cross marks for drilling
Drill your pin holes
Now epoxy the scale on one side and drill the pin holes through,I like to drill the tang pin holes on one side and then finish after the handle is attached to the Knife
Shape this side on the grinder,I leave the ends to finish after the other scale is in place it helps to keep the grains in the same place.Now epoxy the other scale on
After drilling all the pin holes except for the tang pins ruff shape the handle shape
Now you are ready to finish the handle by putting in your pins and peening them and then you can round your edges  and shape the handle to a comfortable grip.Finish sand and you are ready to attach it to your knife,and drill the last two pin holes through the tang.Now you can do all your final sanding and sealing or polishing as you would any other handle.Good luck on your project and have fun.If you have any questions just email me from the home page.......Bruce
The finished handle
Thanks to " Terry Primos" for shrinking the size of these pictures so the page isnt so slow to load....Bruce
I would like to give thanks to Jim Batson for taking the time at his symposium a few years ago to explain to me how to make a framed handle...Thus allowing me to make these handles and show you how...